Third party sustainability programs

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is a product-oriented multistakeholder governance group combining the interests of companies, farmers, foresters, communities, and consumers to produce sustainable and harmonious goods. With staff in more than 20 countries and operations in more than 70 countries. Not only bringing sustainability to the forefront of business thinking, but also it must continue to evolve to provide more value to farmers and companies. Therefore, ensuring that people and nature can thrive in harmony.

Fair Trade Organization

Approximately 125 million people earn their livelihood from coffee. Coffees with fair trade and organic labels (FTO) give customers insight into the production process of a particular coffee. Coffees bearing these certifications sell for a higher price, benefiting the growers and the communities in which they live. This accounts for the higher price that consumers pay for FTO coffees. The fair-trade movement works to create stability and human thriving for coffee industry workers. They promote sustainable farming practices and community development and require ethical labor practices.

Organic Certified

Organic coffee certification includes the adherence to a specific and verifiable plan for all practices and procedures, from planting to crop maintenance, harvest, de-husking, bagging, transport, roasting, packaging, and final transport. Along the way, procedures must be in place at every step to ensure that there is no contamination of the healthy organic coffee produced in pristine soil with regular coffee produced on soil exposed to herbicides, pesticides, and organic fertilizers. Organic coffee certification guarantees that the consumer is drinking organic coffee, coffee uncontaminated by unwanted substances. Organic coffee certification also drives up the cost of a cup of coffee.